Kamil Sarji

Kamil has been in Real Estate since 2003 when he purchased his first investment property.  From there he grew his investments and got his Real Estate license in Rhode Island, Massachusets, and Connecticut.  Later in 2022 he started his own Real Estate Brokerage called “Gold Door Realty”. Gold Door Realty is based in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Whether you’re selling […]

Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is organized to support and advance the business community in Rhode Island by providing leadership initiatives in economic and human development.  It’s mission is: Pursuing continuous improvement for the business community. Encouraging and supporting a collaborative effort between business and other community entities. Recognizing that solutions to today’s complex challenges must be found […]

The Village RI

We put together some of the best networking events in Rhode Island. We bring together businesses and professionals looking to help each other grow with referrals.

Pat Paolino Cruz

Pat Paolino Cruz is an event marketing specialist, former radio show host, connection maker, and marketing/social media innovator nationally celebrated for her ranking in the TOP FIVE Rhode Islanders with highest calculated social media influence. With an entrepreneurial background that spans over two decades, she is a branding guru and has been called a “spark plug” for small businesses who excels in generating unique […]

Bob Salvas

Bob’s background includes 4 years serving in the United States Air Force and 22 years in the United States Postal Service. Most of his time spent at the USPS was in the marketing and communications department where he learned the principles of good marketing and the intricate details of successful direct mailing campaigns. Bob left the post office went into […]

Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce strengthens the economic climate through business leadership that fosters member and community prosperity.  The Chamber monitors legislation on a federal, state and local level and advocates on your behalf.  They provide ample opportunities to meet new prospects, make contacts and receive qualified referrals to grow your business.  With their powerful network of relationships, […]

Young Professionals Network

We help real estate professionals in RI build and grow their business connections through networking.

Trust Networking

Trust Networking is a Networking Organization that was created to offer different and multiple ways to Network while allowing the members to have a literal voice in the operation of the Organization. What we offer: Weekly accountability meetings that are 1 hour long.  The goal should be to be there weekly, but we allow one monthly miss if you cannot […]

Englund Studio

Every customer at one time or another has been on a blind date with a business they never met, businesses only have one shot to make a great first impression. We help customers fall in love with your business through web, video, audio and print, using strategic storytelling and engaging design – wherever your customers come in contact with you.