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Network After Work Digital Marketing Summit: Pinterest


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09/09/2020 1:00 pm
09/09/2020 5:00 pm
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Network After Work Digital Marketing Summit: Pinterest

In this Pinterest Summit, 3 world-class entrepreneurs will share their secrets. Get dozens of innovative tactics that deliver results — in one inspiring place. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use formulas that you can use to grow your business on Pinterest. Our experts will share their winning strategies for success.

This Summit Will Teach You Section:

• How Pinterest works

• What types of businesses Pinterest is ideal for

• How you can use it to create a pipeline of traffic for your business

• What you need in place to set yourself up for success with Pinterest

• Four common mistakes people make

• Best practices to leverage the Pinterest platform

• How to drive traffic to your website

• How to start marketing on Pinterest effectively using Canva for pin creation.

• Learn how to navigate Canva

• Best practices for pin creation

• How to create your own pins using templates.

• You will receive FREE access to Tabitha’s online course “Creating High Converting Pins Using Canva” which includes 10 customizable Pinterest templates.

Get The Proven Tactics And Strategies Of
3 Successful Entrepreneurs

For A Limited Time Only, You Can Access This Exclusive Content For Free.
Our Curated Lineup Of Pinterest Experts Will Teach Tried-And-True Strategies That
Empowered Them To Grow Their Business On Pinterest.
Now, You Can As Well.

Why Should I Sign Up For
Digital Marketing Pinterest Summit?

You’ll obtain exclusive insights and secret strategies from 3 Pinterest Experts who share the wisdom from their success.
You won’t find this content anywhere else.
You’ll gain valuable skills and formulas to scale up your business — fast.
You’ll hear from the best talent – people with an impressive track record of success – as they share their expertise.

This Is Your Limited Time Only Offer To Grab A Free Pass To The Summit.

An Event Like No Other
These speakers are almost impossible to reach. This summit is your chance to connect with them and learn from their success.
We’ve handpicked proven Pinterest Experts to share what’s working for them in the real world — and what will work for you.
These sessions are entirely virtual and FREE to watch from anywhere.
This Is Your ONE Chance To Get Exclusive, Powerful Content And Advice To Help You Maximize Pinterest — For FREE.
Register Now For The Experience Of A Lifetime.


Network After Work Digital Marketing Summit: Pinterest


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