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Cigar Business Networking At Night in Rhode Island – Monday October 4th, 2021


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Kamil Sarji - Keller Williams
Kamil Sarji Realtor with Sarji Properties - Keller Williams
10/04/2021 5:30 pm
10/04/2021 8:00 pm
White Ash Cigar Lounge, 413 Central Ave, Pawtucket, RI, USA   View map

Cigar Business Networking At Night in Rhode Island – Monday October 4th, 2021

Hey there fellow business networker.

If you’re looking to grow your network in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, then the best way to get known is to attend business networking events (Some great events are Rhode Island Business Networking).  Men and Women who enjoy cigars (even if they don’t) attend these networking events.  The environment is laid back, engaging, and a great way to bond with your fellow networkers.  Cigars After Hours Business Networking is set up in a way to allow each person to tell everyone what they do and what type of referrals they are looking for.  It’s a place for us to share ideas, leads, develop business relationships, and help others who are looking for advice on topics related to their business. If you don’t smoke cigars, you can still attend this event and meet other men and women who are professionals and/or business owners. These types of events are geared to help you grow your business, connect with other like-minded people, and learn techniques that work in their business. Make sure you attend this Cigars After Hours Business Networking Event. Relaxed and focused environment while Cigar Business Networking with others. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to increase your referrals and business contacts. Share your unique ideas, thoughts, and business ventures at this month’s event. Get exposed to people working in various businesses and industries. Come and participate in this wonderful network-building program sponsored by Sarji Properties, Inc. We will be able to meet in the private members-only room. The environment and arrangement in the room is amazing, furnished with classy chairs and a beautiful atmosphere. The room is spacious enough to accommodate up to 30 people for this business gathering. Buy your tickets early and reserve your spot.

The entry fee includes:

  • A Premium Cigar
  • Full bar available.
  • Tell everyone about your business (60 second) talk about your business, what you need help with to grow, share strategies, and expand business opportunities.
  • Hear other successful stories, marketing and selling tips  and share yours too.
  • Build your referrals.
  • Meet with like minded men and women business owners and professionals
  • Pass on your Business Cards

Don’t forget to bring your business cards to exchange with others.

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Cigar Business Networking At Night in Rhode Island – Monday October 4th, 2021


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